Gold mining in Yukon


The Yukon,  in particular the Klondike plateau, is still one of the richest goldfield in the world. After more than 100 years of exploitation, the majority of the precious metal remains hidden on the bedrock, concentrated along the bottom of the valleys and on undiscovered upper benches. Creeks considered “remote” in the past, are now becoming more easy to access with equipment. Today  we can reach areas previously isolated, where the gold has been untouched or just mined by hand.

To extract gold from a placer deposits is fairly easy, economical and fast. Is also the most environmentally-friendly way to mine: all you need is water, gravity does the rest.

We are a growing group of engineers, geologist and prospectors operating in the Yukon Territory.

We have years of experience invested in gold exploration. Many seasons spent along the Territory, scouting almost every corner. We dug dozens of trenches and shafts and we tested tons of gravel. We prospected for gold along a huge number of creeks, benches and gravel-bars. We climbed hills and mountains, looking for mineralization. 

After years of searching, testing and staking what we consider the best places to mine, we are today one of the major company with placer properties. Mostly virgin ground, scattered  around the Klondike Plateau. You can see the maps of our properties in the next pages of this web-site. 

We are now planning to start multiple mining operations along our properties.  

This is a definitely a big project. In order to achieve it we need a big amount of men-power and equipment.

We are considering the possibility to involve other mining companies to become (with us) active part of our group. The idea is to create a joint-venture involved in a common project while operating independently on separate ground. 

We are looking for serious enterprises, better if experienced and with the right equipment (dozers, 30-35 tons excavators, loaders, dump trucks, 80-140 m3/hr wash-plants, etc…).

If you want to learn more about a possible involvement in our mining project, you should read the section “Partnership”.