Gold claims for sale or lease



Note: we are currently looking for partners who want to work with us along our different properties, beginning from May 2016. If you’re interested, please contact us by e-mail at: 

Since 2009 our group is dedicated to search new frontiers for the growing placer gold mining industry of the Yukon. After the exploitation of the historical claims, today we are witnessing a strong demand for new mineable ground.

The higher gold price now offers the possibility for a successful mining of ‘low-grade’ areas, considered not profitable enough when the price was 4-5 time lower.

This modern gold age boosted the demand for placer deposits and is now pushing geologist and prospector to extend the boundaries of the historical goldfields, and also to re-open the doors to old properties neglected in the past for been considered ‘borderline’ when the price was at its lowest peak. With the current gold price, many old/underexploited claims are now representing a great potential for successful investments.  

For these reasons we decided to address our search in two main direction: 1) scouting for new ground, outside the traditional fields; 2) test with modern equipment along the most promising old mining areas, abandoned after the first gold rush, after WWI and WWII, or during the drops of the gold price.

Our way of searching combines historical information with geological analysis (bedrock geology, geochemistry, structural, …).   

After passing through archives and minfiles, we selected the creeks that were showing enough reasons to justify a research with good margins for success. Then we performed a previous analysis of the geological data on maps and satellite pictures. Then again we started our field work: prospecting at first and afterwards performing extended bulk-sampling campaigns. Months of work and big investment of energies and men-power. Only the ground with the best results has been finally converted into gold mines, with all the license and the permits in order to begin a gold production.

We are using the latest technologies together with modern heavy equipment to perform our research.    We have a solid geological background and years of direct knowledge of the Yukon territory.  

Our work is to find the mining ground for the modern enterprises!