Gold claims for sale or lease



Since 2009, our group is searching for new ground for the placer gold mining industry of the Yukon. After the exploitation of the historical claims, we are now witnessing a growing demand for new mineable areas.

The high gold price of today is extending the possibility for a profitable mining even in lower-grade areas, where the gold wasn’t considered ‘enough’ when the price was 5 times lower.

This new economy open the door to a wide choice of old properties abandoned or neglected in the past for been considered ‘poor’.

At this price now, these properties are holding the potential to represent a great investment for new enterprises of miners.  

For these reasons we decided to search in the past and to dedicate attention to the historical goldfields abandoned after the first gold rush, after WWI and WWII, or after the several falls of the gold price occurred in the last decades.

Our method of research combines historical mining information with geological analysis (bedrock geology, geochemistry, structural geology, etc.etc.).   

After months spent searching into archives and minfiles, we compiled a list of creeks that are giving us serious reasons to start a research with good margins for possible success.

We invested in modern heavy equipment for a professional research and we have the men power to do it. Our success is strongly connected with the quantity of our finding and that’s giving us determination and quite a bit of adrenalin…


We are the modern prospectors: we have a good geological background and many years of direct knowledge of the Yukon territory. We have powerful equipment and we are applying modern techniques to our research.

Our work is to find good mining land for the future.