Important note: this page will be updated during the current mining season and the new properties will be added (we are publishing here only our properties where the gold has been already proven). Please be patient, we are still working in the field at this time. By the end of the season (October/November) we will have new properties of different size, tested and ready to be mined starting from May of 2016.  If you’re seriously interested in placer gold mining, you should read the chapter “Partnership”.

–  “Oz”  (68 claims):

This huge property (1,760 acres), staked along the Big Creek, is located in the central part of the Yukon, between Mayo (60km SE) and Dawson City (125 km NW). Big Creek is a tributary of  the Little South Klondike. The creek has never been previously mined, due to difficulty of accessing the area. Today it is reachable by a easy-drivable road. We performed a successful testing campaign on the property during August/September of last summer (2013). The results are visible under the chapter “REPORTS” of this web-site. The property has already water license and land use permit: a gold mine ready to go. 






Google Earth imageBig Creek location




–  “Val” (50 claims + 3 miles of lease):

This extensive property (1,408 acres) is located along 4 miles of the lower part of the famous Clear Creek (map 115P12), right beside the Yukon Highway (at km 469 from Whitehorse, 111km from Dawson City). The claims are easily accessible by paved road and by a secondary road (unpaved), parallel to Clear Creek. The road runs right through the property and is drivable by truck or by heavy equipment. During the last 3 years we performed a testing campaign along the creek and along the upper benches with positive results (wide distribution of fine gold of glacial origin). On the benches we found remains of paleo-channel. During summer of 2015 we performed a extended drilling campaign with an 8 inch auger drill. We proved the distribution of the fine gold up to a depth of 25 feet, but we didn’t manage to reach the bedrock. We will try again during next season with an RC drill able to reach depths of more than 100 feet.  

We still need to finish the testing campaign along the bedrock and to develop this property into a huge, active mining site. We are now planning to create a partnership with a big mining company interested in developing this high-potential area. If the bedrock will show signs of rich pay-streak as expected, this property will quickly become one of the most wanted mining site in the Yukon. The potential is real, a lots of work has already been done and the presence of gold is proven. The permits to work (class 3, land use) are already active.

xc550255-1 8-8              xc550255-1 7-8



DSCN4636 DSCN4677







Clear Creek propertyClear Creek location





–  “Pan” (6 claims):

This is a small-size property (68.8 acres) staked on an ancient upper bench of the side of the notorious Jackson Hill. There are chances for White Channel type of deposit: the bench is showing different phases of deposited alluvial material. The property is located along the southern city limit of Dawson City and  t’s accessible by road (10 min. from town). These claims are lying on the margin of an extended plateau (right along/above the Klondike Valley). We are testing the entire area, sampling several scattered sectors of our property. We already found fine gold, sometime in appreciable quantity, deposited in the upper layers. We will drill and bulk sample during the mining season of 2016.

xc550255-1 4-8 xc550255-1 3-8




Pan propertyPan location





–  “Tramonto” (2 discovery claims+ 3 regular claims + 5 bench claims): 

Our latest discovery of a very high bench of pre-glacial origin, is making this medium size property (more than 200 acres located right along the Klondike highway, 45 km south of Dawson City) a potential excellent target . At this time we are drilling the bottom part and we will hopefully have enough time to test the very upper part of the property. We expect to show results by the end of October.  As soon as the gold deposition will be fully proven, we will apply for all the licenses necessary to mine it.    

note: we just finished to map the upper bench located at high elevation (622 meters). The extension is just perfect for a medium-size type of operation and now we are looking forward to test that gravel. We will keep you updated with our research.

Gravel at Glenboyle (Tramonto property)




gravel at Tramonto 3


Tramonto propertyTramonto location





– “Ra” (4 c0-discovery claims + 16 regular claims + 1 mile lease):

This is a big-size property (209 hectares, 516 acres), located along the Twelve Mile Creek (tributary of the Sixtymile River). The area is historically known as one of the best gold producer of the Klondike, but some of these creeks revealed ‘patchy’ depositions (alternation between rich corners and dry areas) which makes them a challenging ground for the miners. During summer of 2015 we tested an extended upper bench that showed fine and coarse gold in almost every pan. This bench will be easy to mine, as there isn’t much overburden.The bedrock is shallow (<20 feet) and easily recognizable (an orange/yellow weathered intrusion). “Ra” property is also serviced by a good road. 

At this time we are applying for all the permits to mine, starting from the next season (2016).



– “Rocca” (1 discovery claim + 4 regular claim):

This is a small/medium size property (63 hectares, 154 acres) on Ontario Creek, tributary of Hunker Creek. It has been an historical claim, staked already in 1897 and never been mined with heavy equipment (old timers shafts are visible along the creek). Gold has been proven but not properly evaluated. During the last July (2015) we tested the gravel with an excavator and a sluice. We managed to recover gold from a very lateral gravel deposition but we didn’t locate the main pay-streak (yet). We will perform some more testing during the next season (2016). This could be a good target for smaller enterprises.  



– “Stardust” (1 discovery claim + 2 regular claims):

Stardust has been staked on Golden Gulch, a little tributary of Eldorado Creek, right in the hart of the historical goldfield of Klondike. This gulch has been mined with dozer in the 70’s/80’s, but only at its mouth, until the boundary between Stardust property and Claim 5. Stardust is still virgin ground. Signs of old-timers activities (hand digging) are visible here and there. The headwater of Golden Gulch starts below the historic “Violet” hard-rock mine, where free gold was searched from quartz veins, at the beginning of last century. Recent drilling campaigns also revealed a good content of gold in the rocks surrounding the area. We will test this property with heavy equipment during the summer of 2016. 


– “Eos” (1 discovery claim, 2 co-discovery claims, 30 regular claims + 2 miles of leases)

Big property (more than 400 hectares, almost 1,000 acres)  located along the upper part of the historical California Creek. Hand-mined at the beginning of 1900 after a famous stampede, with good results (big piles of tailings and several shafts are visible in the upper end of the property). Since then, this creek has been neglected and sporadically tested close to its mouth. During the summer of 2015 we sampled with excavators and drilled with an 8 inch auger and we found out that the coarse gold area is toward the upper part, right where the old-timers were mining (2.5 km from the Top of The World Highway). Where we reached the bedrock  (permafrost was stopping us in several holes) we obtained very good results: fine and coarse gold was showing in our pans in considerable quantity. The property is now serviced by three roads, two to the top and one to the bottom of our claims. The ground is shallow (10-15 feet) and with a small coverage of overburden. The permafrost will be the only serious challenge (it will take a D9 with good rippers). We are already applying for the water license and land use permits. By the summer of 2016 “Eos” property will be ready for mining!    


– “Mia” (1 bench claim): …


– “Tommaso” (two river claims): …